04.22. Bruxelles Art Vue: Street Life 2022 - Cover Artist 


Hardcover Book



26.12.21.-02.01.22. The Holy Art: Ubiquity & Fluidity Virtual Exhibition


Visit the exhibition

10.08.21. Bruxelles Art Vue: Limitless Nature 2021 book 


Hardcover Book

E-Book - Bruxelles Art Vue 

01.08.21. F-Stop Magazine: "Vacation" Issue 


Link: Group Exhibition - F-Stop Magazine - Vacation

09.06.21. Aesthetics of Photography: Featured Artists Vol. 1


Link: Sofia Erto - Aesthetics of Photography

19.03.-27.06.21. The Absent Gallery: Group Exhibition Spring Open 2021 


Visit the exhibition here: Spring Open 2021


Catalogue: download

Flyer: download

15.04.21. Art Hole Magazine 11


Link: Art Hole 11 

23.02.21. Black Box Belfast: Green Room Exhibitions


Link: Green Room Exhibitions 

02.03.21. Cover Artist on Scope Zine 


Link: Scope Zine by Ellie Day 

23.10.-08.11.20. Exhibit Around: Chromantic 


Photo volume and group exhibition tributing Alex Webb during Trieste Photo Days


Link: Chromantic - Tributo ad Alex Webb @ Trieste Photo Days 2020 - Exhibit Around | dotART


10.06.20. Art Hole Magazine 1


Link: Art Hole 1

31.12.19. Al-Tiba9: International Arts Magazine Issue 3


Link: www.altiba9.com/art-magazine-issue03

08.08.19. CCT-see city: Firenze&Co. Wandering around Tuscany


Link:  cct-seecity/firenze-and-company

18.05.19. Slevin Magazine: Issue #6 - Unintentional Beauty


Link: www.slevinmagazine/issue__6



06.05.19. CCT-see city: Bari in the balance


Link:  www.cct-seecity.com/bari-in-bilico

21.07.18. Group Exhibition at "Bis - Zentrum für offene Kulturarbeit":  Open Doors  Open Minds


Link: Open Doors Open Minds


Bismarckstr. 97, 41061 MG (Germany)

07.04.-04.05.18. Personal Exhibition at "Quartiersbüro Rheydt":  Just a matter of perspective


- FB-Event: Just a matter of perspective 

- Instagram: Exhibition


Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 55, 41236 MG (Germany)


14.03.18. CCT-see city: Buda and Pest, the two banks


Link:  cct-seecity/buda-and-pest-the-two-banks

09.-18.02.18. LoosenArt - Group Exhibition at "Space Millepiani": Modules


Via Nicola Odero 13, 00154 Roma (Italy)



07.02.18. CCT-see city: The many faces of Berlin


Link:  cct-seecity/the-many-faces-of-berlin

26.01.18. CCT-see city: Details of Porto


Link: cct-seecity.com/details-of-porto

19.01.18. CCT-see city: Details of Madrid


Link: cct-seecity/details-of-madrid

12.01.18. CCT-see city: Details of Trieste


Link: cct-seecity.com/details-of-trieste

15.01.18. LoosenArt: Conceptual Book


The book will include artists from the worldwide countries that will expose the “Conceptual" theme with the mainely media of Photography, Digital Graphic, Painting, Sculpture, Installation and Mix Media Visual Digital. 


To order a copy:  


12. - 20.07.17.  LoosenArt - Group Exhibition  at  "Space Millepiani":  The Street Experience





Via Nicolo Odero 13, 00154 Roma (Italy)

11.05.17. Nuok: Reportage Fotografico - Lisbona


Link: www.nuok.it/lizbona/sofia-erto-lisbona

25.01.17. Solidarigee at "Werkstatt der Kulturen": Durch Kunst eine Stimme verschaffen


- My artwork for sale: solidarigee.de/sofia_erto

- My pics of the event: solidarigee.de/sofia_erto


Wissmannstraße 32,  12049 Berlin (Germany)

15.01.17. Nuok: Reportage fotografico - Amsterdam


Link: nuok.it/amdam/amsterdam-sofia-erto

12.09.-20.12.16. Personal Exhibition at "Glashaus Café"






Maria-von-Rudloff-Platz, 79111 Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany)


30.08.16. Nuok: Reportage fotografico - Berlino


Link: www.nuok.it/borlin/berlino-sofia-erto

06.07. - 06.08.16.  Personal Exhibition at "Cooperativa La Liberazione"


Via Lomellina 14, 20133 Milano (Italy)

24.06.-28.07.16. Personal Exhibition at "Kugelbahn": Sui Generis


Grüntaler Straße 51, 13359 Berlin (Germany)